The School of Agriculture and Biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) roots from Shanghai Agriculture College, which was founded in 1959. In September 1999, the 40-year history Shanghai Agriculture College was incorporated into SJTU and was renamed as the School of Agriculture and Biology (SAB) in March 2002. The school adheres to the educational philosophy: “Catering to the national demands and adopting the international practice through agriculture-oriented and Shanghai-based development”. By developing strength on the preponderant disciplines, the school focuses on modern biotechnology, information technology, engineering technology and general interdisciplinary integration to promote the traditional agricultural science. With the aim to pioneer a new way of expediting the development of modern agriculture, our school has shifted to a teaching and research school from a teaching school, and is on its way to a research school. In July 2006, the Institute of New Rural Development was set up at SJTU; In May 2009, the school was jointly-run by both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture; On December 19, 2013, the Institute of New Rural Development of SJTU was officially approved to be upgraded to national level by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology.



      上海农学院第一届毕业生合影(1962年)                                 1960年10月6日,《解放日报》                                        60年代初上海农学院在松江

                                                                                                              报道上海农学院举行开学典礼                                          择址建设多幢教学设施

     Group photograph of the first graduates                                   The Jiefang Daily reported the opening                           Many teaching facilities of  Shanghai

     of Shanghai Agriculture College,1962.                                       ceremony of Shanghai Agriculture                                       Agriculture College were built in

                                                                                                                College  on 6th Oct in 1960.                                                  Songjiang during the 1960s.




      Looking forward to the future, SAB shall keep steadfast to the goal of “agriculture-oriented and demand-driven development with unique feature and higher performance”, and adheres to the road of “one body, two wings”, namely developing internationally-advanced modern urban agriculture science and facilitating technology transformation and application of agricultural science. The school has been working to develop advanced and characteristic agriculture science called for by SJTU and striving to be one of the top-level agricultural science schools and colleges both at home and abroad, with an aim to develop world-class agricultural science and make greater contributions to China’s agricultural modernization and construction of new socialist countryside.

      Looking back into the past, SAB has been devoted to the adventure of new ideas and innovative reform, and has also been pressing ahead with a leapfrog development of world-class agricultural science. Generations of faculties of the school have carried on the fine tradition of “devotion to student’s growth in a hard-working and plain-living way”. So far, the school has educated more than 10,000 outstanding graduates who become elites of all social circles, particularly makes remarkable achievements in the field of agricultural science.


              上海交通大学陆伯勋食品安全研究中心揭牌(2005年4月)                                  manbetx体育3.0下载顾问委员会成立大会(2003年11月)

         The unveiling ceremony of Bor S.Luh Food Safety Research Center                                 The found meeting of Consultative Committee of College of SJTU

                                        of SJTU (April, 2005).                                                                                                         was held in November 2003.


     上海交通大学新农村发展研究院战略咨询专家委员会会议(2006年7月)                    上海农学院并入上海交通大学大会会场(1999年9月)

         The meeting of the strategy consultative committee experts was held                                The conference of combining Shanghai Agriculture College into

             in New Rural Development Institute of SJTU. (July, 2006)                                            Shanghai Jiao Tong University was opened in September, 1999.


      manbetx体育3.0下载成立五十周年庆典大会(2009年5月)                                  2002年6月,举办第二届中国现代农业发展战略研讨会

        The 50th Anniversary Celebration of School was held in May, 2009.                                  The second workshop of Chinese modern agricultural development

                                                                                                                         strategy was held in June, 2002.

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