(manbetx体育贴吧2018-06-01)Researches in Anthony CHUNG's lab


报告题目:Researches in Anthony CHUNG's lab

主讲人:Prof. CHUNG Hau Yin (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)



邀请人:刘 源





Prof. CHUNG Hau Yin is the Associate Professor in Food and Nutritional Sciences, School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received his Ph.D. degree from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA at 1994, major in Food Science. He received his Mater and bachelor degree from University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA at 1989 and 1986 respectively. His research interests are food flavor chemistry, analysis and application; natural product, safety, health and application; food evaluation and food product development; soy-based fermented food and seafood. In the early years of research, his publications were mainly focus on food chemistry such as the flavor volatile profiles of soy-based fermented food and seafood, and anti-oxidative abilities of natural food. These results were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and in Food Chemistry. About 10 years ago, he broadened the research field into functional food and molecular research. He has now published manuscripts about anti-giogenesis, adipogenesis, and taste enhancing function using components isolated from nature food.

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