(manbetx体育贴吧2018-06-19)How to publish an Academic Research Paper. Tricks of the trade from an Editor in Chief


报告题目:How to publish and Academic Research Paper. Tricks of the trade from an Editor in Chief

主讲人:Prof. Charles S Brennan


报告地点:农业与生物学院创新楼 201会议室

邀请人:刘 源(YUAN Liu)





Professor Charles Brennan is the professor of Food Science and Dean of the Graduate School at Lincoln University and his research focuses on the role of food ingredients and food processing on altering the structure of foods, nutritional value of products and the effect they have on human nutrition (such as glycaemic response, diabetes, Alzheimers and bioactive bioavailability). He has published over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles. He is the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Food Science and Technology, Journal of Food Processing, and International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Prof Brennan holds of several positions; Associate Investigator of Ridett Centre (a New Zealand CORE in food science); Professorships at other universities (University of Canterbury, NZ; South China University of Technology; Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhongkai University of Agricultural Engineering, Tianjin University of Commerce, North West Agricultural and Forestry University). He acts for the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry Governance board on food safety and security and is a board member of the New Zealand Food Innovation Centre (South Island). In 2017 Professor Brennan was elected as president of the International Cereal Chemists Association (ICC).  


Publishing research articles is highly competitive, especially in the food science and human nutrition area. In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in submission of manuscripts from throughout the world. So what do Editors in Chiefs look for when they are selecting which manuscripts can be reviewed and which ones are rejected from their journal? As an Editor in Chief of 3 SCI journals I will explain the processes involved during the selection of an article and also give some tips of how to format and arrange your manuscript to improve the chance of it getting published.

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