(manbetx体育贴吧2018-06-20)Applied Research on Berries and Miscellaneous Plant Foods


报告题目:Applied Research on Berries and Miscellaneous Plant Foods

主讲人:Dr. Changmou Xu


报告地点:农业与生物学院创新楼 201会议室

邀请人:刘 源





Dr. Changmou Xu is a Research Assistant Professor at the Food Science and Technology Department and the Food Processing Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He also is a Project Manager of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center of NIST based in Nebraska (NIST/MEP). He received his PhD degree in Food Science from University of Florida in 2014. Dr. Xu’s research focused on functional ingredients (phytochemicals, essential oils, proteins, etc.) in agricultural commodities (grapes, aronia berries, raspberries, hops, etc.) and their novel applications in various foods. He is an expert in value-added products development and advanced instrumental analysis such as spectroscopy, chromatography, scanning electron microscope, texture analysis, and the application of these techniques to solve various food problems. Dr. Xu’s research findings were featured by well-known academic organizations and media such as ACS, IFT, EurekAlert! Science News,ScienceDaily®,Medical Daily, over 200 times. His research program was funded by USDA, Nebraska Department of Agriculture, University of Nebraska Foundation, and miscellaneous food companies based in USA, Europe, Japan, and South Korean. Based on the state-of-the-art Food Innovation Center in Nebraska, he provides both technical and business development supports for local, national, and international food and agricultural organizations. Dr. Xu also is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Food Biochemistry (Wiley), which publishes fully peer-reviewed original research and review papers on the biochemical aspects of food, such as nutraceuticals and functional foods. 

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