Alex Trebek’s Resort Burglary in Bay area

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Back within July associated with 2011, Alex Trabek was remaining in San Francisco because he’d speaking engagements within the bay region. While he or she was remaining in the these types of area, it’s alleged that the woman, Linda Moyers, broke in to his accommodation and took a band, a handbag, as nicely as $661 within cash. The actual purse, that belonged in order to Alex Trebek’s spouse, was found underneath the 26th ground ice device and Trebek’s pocket book was found underneath the 25th ground ice device. However, the bracelet and also the $661 had been never retrieved, even following a full remove search from the suspect by Bay area Police officials.

Alex Trebek at first wrote the actual July twenty six incident off like a dream however when he or she opened their eyes, he noticed that their hotel doorway was open up and he or she saw a female with dark boots as well as messy locks walking from the space. Trebek after that chased the actual 56 12 months old believe down the actual hall. Whilst he had been chasing the woman’s, 71 12 months old Trebek ruptured their achilies tendons and needed to limp to his space. However, he could alert protection once he returned to their room as well as Moyers had been stopped in the ground ground before your woman exited. When Trebek reached the floor floor, he or she positively recognized Ms. Moyers since the woman which was standing through the dresser within his hotel and also the same woman he saw walking from the scene within the hallway.

Microsoft. Moyers had been then imprisoned for burglary along with a preliminary listening to was consequently heard. In the preliminary listening to, Alex Trebek didn’t testify. Nevertheless, Judge Tim Cheng dominated that there is enough evidence to keep Ms. Moyers with regard to trial. Microsoft. Moyers had been then returned towards the San Francisco primary jail and it is being kept on $625, 000 bail.

In the preliminary listening to, Mark Jacobs, the actual deputy open public defender symbolizing Ms. Moyers, argued how the hotel protection and personnel tainted the actual identification which Mr. Trebek made from the suspect with Mr. Trebek determine Ms. Moyers within the lobby. Tag Jacobs contended that Microsoft. Moyers had been working like a prostitute and have been wandering the actual hallway following her “john” didn’t answer the actual knocks upon his doorway.

The open public defender continued to suggest that “I think there are several real issues with this situation, ” Jacobs stated. “The taken property had been never retrieved. The doorway wasn’t damaged into. In my experience, it sounds a lot more like an within job. inch However, Microsoft. Moyers may be convicted associated with three additional hotel burglaries because 1990. The existing case can make her permitted be tried underneath the “three strikes” laws but Area Attorney George Gascon said he would not really pursue this particular case like a three attacks case at the moment.

Since the situation passed the actual preliminary listening to stage associated with proceedings, Microsoft. Moyers might be looking from taking this particular case in order to trial. The next phase in the actual proceedings is actually trial when they cannot settle the situation. This case can be a good prospect for test given the actual arguments produced by the protection attorney over.