Collaborative Divorce: Separating as Painlessly As Possible in Vancouver

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When it comes to separation or divorce, it can be tough. You may have even heard of people losing sleep or losing weight as a result of going through a separation with their partner or filing for divorce. If the divorce process turns contentious, that is when the emotional toll can really occur.

Thankfully, these days there are more options than ever that might keep things civil. From mediation to separation agreements and collaborative divorce in Vancouver and more, read on to discover some approaches that may work in your favour.

Collaborative Divorce: Separating as Painlessly As Possible

Collaborative Divorce

If you would rather resolve issues regarding your divorce and child custody without having to go to court, you’re not alone. Collaborative divorce or family law offers an option for separating or divorcing couples to resolve their conflicts. This method focuses on a goal of communication and cooperation and avoids pitting individuals against each other with an agreement that both people will not seek litigation while in talks.

This is more and more an option that divorcing couples are choosing, simply because going to court can take the divorce process to a new level. This is more of a process where everyone works together to decide on what they think is fair. Even if you or your spouse have different stances on property division, custody, alimony, support, and more, that’s to be expected. You wouldn’t be the first or last couple to have differing views on how you think the divorce should play out. But that’s why pursuing a collaborative divorce in Vancouver or your area works.

This method expects that you may have different wants or thoughts about how things should be divided or who should pay who what. Things can get even more complicated when there are children involved and often there are strong feelings involved; after all, the decision to get divorced can be very difficult. However, ultimately you and your soon to be ex-partner will be coming to decisions about what would be best for both parties.

Attorneys may also be present for these meetings and other professionals trained in divorce planning can be brought in to mediate discussions. These can include a financial planner or a child specialist. Even though it may seem like a lot of work, the level of control that this process gives you can be unparalleled. Plus, it may end up saving both you and your spouse a lot of money in the end, another reason to consider it. It’s also going to be nothing compared to the potential stress that going through court and litigation would bring.

If you’re worried about taking your divorce to court, collaboration is a great option. It effectively encourages civility, reduces costs of divorcing, and helps you get the results that you want. Often times, parents are grateful that this is the path that they took because it did make the separation process as painless as possible and both parents got what they wanted on some level.

Viewing smart processes like collaborative divorce in Vancouver or separation agreements as giving up would be a mistake. While strong feelings can be involved, it’s best to put aside emotions and try and see the bigger picture. If you are divorcing or may be divorcing, consider collaborative divorce as an option – you may be glad you did.